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My Wonderful Soul Mate

When life comes into you Heart,
Don't Pause or you will miss it.
You have found you soul mate in life.
It is the dawning of the spiritual bond,
and you may never find it again.
Do not hesitate!!
Your whole being becomes one ..
Two become so close that it is heaven felt on earth.
Your existance becomes one with this special soul.
Every thought and action surrounds him.
Every purpose for being is with them.
Don't trade it for the silver and gold you could have..
Don't waste any precious moments.
Only a few years of heavens bliss is more wonderful,
than something not so special.
You will know your heart will full of warmth,
And you sing of joy, for every day you are together.
Every day will be your first,
And every moment will be special.
Your adventure is knowing you are but one.
In body and soul and spirit.
Take the time and look in each other eyes,
See the window of love that is there.
Take the time to cherish these moments,
And settle for nothing less.
Take the time and patience to find it,
for it will be worth the wait.
Settle for nothing less,
or your heart will long forever.
by Mary

I Am the Seeker


I am the seeker of life.
The one that wants to know!
Do Angels make babies smile?
What makes the beauty of the flowers unfold.
I see your eyes,
And seek the knowledge within you.
I Look at the Stars,
Wondering how long will they be?
I hear a beautiful voice
And see a gift.
I see the birds in flight.
and truly marvel at the sight.
I see the look upon my child's face
and wonder where they will be.
I feel the touch of a gentle soul,
wondering what a gift.
I seek the power of love, of understanding,
to feel the feelings of others.
I seek to know my own feelings.
Oh life is for all of us who seek!

Through your Love

Through your love there was feeling in my heart.
And a feeling of contentment.
You filled the void of loneliness,
, which surrounded my soul.
You loved me unconditionally,
Something that is special in this world.
Nothing seemed to matter.
You took my faults and threw them to the wind.
You consumed my soul with all the goodness within you heart.
All my bad days were filled with uplifting encouragement.
There was nothing in your heart but love.
You let my spirit grow so tenderly,
Never giving up on me.
You could see the pain within my heart,
It did not matter for your touched me so gently and gave me hope.
Our life became as one.
We were truly soul mates in this world.
by Mary
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