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    My Special Thoughts of a Friend

    I looked at you face,
    And see a magnificent beauty.
    I see your eyes,
    How they sparkle with glee.
    And they speak of love so true.
    I can see your lips,
    As they speak with gentle tones.
    As I look and see your gentle smile,
    It fills my heart with warmth.
    You show love and friendship to all.
    I see you with a child,
    So gently loving them.
    I see you in the wilderness,
    Seeing the beauty of God's creation.
    I see your soul,
    It is gentle, sweet and kind.
    We sometimes share our joys and sorrows,
    Never knowing what life brings.
    There is no one else quite like you,
    To me, you are someone special!
    And I have a wonderful gift,
    A friend like you.

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