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Through Your Eyes

It is through your eyes you see the world.
I saw the gentle rain,
You saw the storm.
I heard a cry in the dark,
And you only heard a noise.
I saw the mountains in all their glory,
You saw the miles you had to travel along the way.
I saw the snow as it gently feel upon the ground,
You only saw the cold.
I see the Sun peeking over the hills,
You complained about the brightness.
I saw the children playing being carefree and happy,
You heard the confusion.
I watch the leaves change and fall to the ground.
You could only see the work that was ahead.
I saw a way to be happy with what I had,
You looked at me as deprived and you wanted more.
I enjoyed a leisure walk in the sun,
You were in a hurry and could not enjoy this.
Ah, yes it is through you eyes that you see the world!
by MPulsipher

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