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This is one of the last pictures of Sonja..She was 8 and half years old and this was her school picture.

Hi to all those who have visited my page. My name is Mary and I am a middle age mother. Now widowed again for the second time. My husband died of cancer in 2002. I lived in Arizona for awhile and I am now back in Utah. I felt I needed a change but I am back where I enjoy the mountains. I have many good friends here and my children are not too far away. People here are very loving and helpful. I hope that you enjoyed my stories and my poems. I live in Provo, Utah and have two other children, and six grandchildren. I wrote Sonja's story hoping that other parents who are going through the same ordeal I went through could see that there is life after such a tragedy. Life goes on. I thought if it helped one person it would be worth the time to write. I think as I went throught his ordeal that I look for a common sense approach to it. I may have not done things right but knew that I had to try and understand the things that I was going through. I learn to feel my true emotions. We all feel emotion when we suffer loss but sometimes we supress them. Children seem to do better as they ex[ress what they really feel. I do not consider myself any stronger than any other person. I am just straight forward with what I feel. I can feel great compassion for anyone who has lost a loved one and know their pain. I hope I can relate and help people through this by my simple words. My thoughts on her death is now a way I want to celebrate her life, and I can think of her and all the joy that she gave to me. Sometimes a tear may roll down my cheek as I truly miss her. I know it okay to miss her but life goes on and the only memories are of the wonderful times I had. To me love never dies it is buried in your heart. Please feel free to email me with your comments. I will gladly email you back.

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