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The Softness of Your Heart

As I get to know you,
You have a softness that I admire.
I see the it in your eyes
When you look at me.
I hear a tenderness in your voice as you speak,
Even when you don't say a lot.
It is sometimes what you don't say,
That shows me who you really are.
We sometimes joke and laugh bit beneath all the words,
I know what you have inside of you.
And if you think you can fool me otherwise,
Ah, but you are mistaken.
I hear you speak those tender words every now and then,
And I know that you are someone special I want to know
and hold so close within my heart.
When you are feeling down and lonely,
Please come to me and I hope I can cheer you up.
For I want to be your true and honest friend.
by Mary

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