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The Love of a Friend

Ah the love of a friend can make you warm inside.
There is no one like them.
They hear your crys for help,
And come to your aid.
They talk to you for many hours,
Never tiring of your silly chat.
They cry with you when you cry!
For your sorrows are their sorrows.
They celebrate life when things are well.
And your joys and triumps are their's as well.
They spend their years with you, watching you grow old,
Not caring about your little flaws.
And the days are never empty with them.
When their life has passed before you,
You feel the loss of such greatness,
And feel that you had a priceless gift.
As you sit and think back of all glorious time,
You are happy and filled with love, and bask in the warmth
they've lent to your soul.
A priceless gift.
Something that lasts til the end of time.
by Mary

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