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A Simple Touch of Love Was a Gift

In my heart I feel that touch of love,
with the gifts of caring you have given me.
A moment you gave me in times
of despair.
A word of hope,
where I could see none.
You gave me laughter,
When I had sorrow in my heart.
And it lifted me from the pit of darkness.
You shared with me those tender moments,
And it made my soul fill with warmth.
We share our days with special happenings,
It makes the world seem so small.
When I had days of trying times,
You were there and helped me go on.
In my silence my heart was smiling,
Just to know you were there.
And so at this special time,
I hope I can give back to you,
The love you have given me.
The world is a better place because you are

by Mary

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