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Those Loving Tears

Those Loving Tears Those Golden Moments are we spent time,
Are gone forever,
As I stop and think, tears roll down my eyes.
Your passing has made my life so empty.
I shed each tear for you and the moment that may have been.
I have no control and sobbing seems to never cease,
Some days I do not want to go on.
I want to scream to the highest mountain you are gone!
But I can't!
Oh where does my life go from here?
There is nothing I want nor to I want to exist.
The days shall pass and I am fine,
but the nights are full of nothingness and last for ever.
Oh but for the love of my life,
I only wish you were here just one more day.
I would hold you, carress you and feel your warmth.
Oh I wish for just one more day and one more moment.
by Mary Pulsipher