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When We Were Angels.

When we were Angels we met from another side,
Never Knowing if we we would meet again.
We walked among the stars playing in joyful glee,
Until we came to meet in earthly time.
We held Hands as moon beams touched our faces,
Gleefully laughing with joy like a playful children.
Our wings were golden and halos gave radiance to our face.
There were no trials or tears,
We live with peace and haromony
For it was a state of love in heaven.
And happiness abound in this state.
I can only say we walk through twilight
And the stars with moonlight to warm our raidiant face.
Peace and contentment abided in our souls,
And life was full with no wants and sorrow.
When shall I return to this state and loose the trials of this earth?
I know for a short time I shall dwell upon the earth,
Only to return to peace again.

By Mary

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