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My Soul Wanders

My Soul Wanders
I have walked the road of loneliness,
I felt the emptiness inside of my soul, and I've wondered where I should go?
who will understand my cry?
Is there no way out of this bottomless pit?
Shall I begin to feel or will it be to painful?
I long to be held and feel something more than emptiness.
Is this what life is all about?
I need some peace inside my soul.
It is the pain that makes me feel that life is still there.
Is this all that there is to life?
The crowded room makes no difference, I am still alone.
I wish I could tell you so you could understand.
I can only feel from the bottom of my soul,
Do I dare trust again? Will betrayal follow me again?
I can truly love, but will I ever let myself?
Don't ask me to say” I love you", I cannot.
Betrayal has made me close the door to feelings.
I love everyone so dearly, but I cannot let myself Say these words right now.
You are in my heart and soul, and no matter where I am,
I think wonderful thoughts of you.
And when my wounded soul heals, I will come back to you.
The nothingness I feel now will be gone,
My soul will find the light again,
And there is hope that I may brighten someone's day!
Please don't let the little child in me that loves, die today.
It has been the betrayal from my journey that has taken me to this road of Loneliness.
I must find my way back in my own time.
It is those little words of kindness that will bring me back,
and the caring that gives me a glimmer of hope out of my bottomless pit,
It was one kind act and one kind word that written by: mp 5-98

Things I Should of Done!

It was yesterday that I should of done these things.
I Should of visited my friend, He is gone now.
I should of told him how much I loved him, It is too late.
I should of hugged him and told him he was special to me,
and spent some special time with him.
I should of hugged my child a little more,
You cannot love them too much
I should of told my husband that I loved him one more time.
He is no longer here now.
I really should of helped my neighbor more.
She is gone and was so good to me.
I should of never been angry over the trivial things.
They mean nothing now.
I should have helped a stranger it might of made a difference.
He might have become my best friend.
I should of listened more carefully to others problems.
It might of eased their pain.
I should taken time to be more attentive of others needs,
It might of made their life a little better.
I Should of taken time to write a short letter,
It might have have helped someone through their loneliness.
Oh! I should of taken time for many things!!

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Original music composed by Tom Williams III, Copyright � 1996-98 Dreamsharer Music, Ltd. Used With Permission.

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