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The Special One

With all my Love I gave to you,
You gave to me a life of joy.
It filled my heart,
Which was full of emptiness.
You gave me courage to love someone,
When I felt I dare not feel.
You gave me a special feeling.
That no one else ever did
When I cried you held me,
Tenderly easing my pain.
When I could not go on,
You lifted me from despair,
You gave me hope.
I'll remember all our good times,
Even though your gone.
We loved each other so deeply
We became as one.
I know I loved you then and will forever.
So in the end I shall find you
Standing there with open arms waiting.

Don't Cry for me when I am Gone

Please don't cry for me when I am gone,
We had some good times and that is what life is about.
We share some sorrows and and failures,
But Ah, we rose above it.
I loved you when I was here and nothing will change,
I will be there with you even though you may not see me.
When you think of me I am right beside you.
Just remember the sparkle you put in my eyes,
The time you cheered me up.
And the times we shared some precious moments.
Remember the walks and special little gifts,
They are still within my heart.
Never be sad or lonely for me
For I want to see the smile upon you face.
Save those tears for times of need.
Please don't cry for me.
Just remember I love you from beyond
We are friends and soul mates forever.

My Greatest Love of All

I had the greatest love of all.
Oh so few were the moments he was here.
As he gazed into my eyes I felt his warmth, And tenderness.
Oh how I wished it could of last forever,
My heart still yearns for him.
But oh, too never have known,
Would have been a great loss.
His gentle nature is one I rarely see.
For harsh words were never spoken.
In my sadness I watch him die.
Each day as he dwindle my heart would cry.
I only knew that there were these few years.
But worth the time we had together.
Our life was that of something special.
Our little adventure was each day.
Each kind thing never forgotten.
For our souls yearn to love more and more.
It is not the house you live in that makes a home,
for it is the love that insides abide.
It takes someone special to make you feel this way.
A once in a lifetime that may never come again.
But it is sad he is gone so far away.
My heart was truly broken, And life it not the same.
How I long to hold him just one more time,
And to hear his voice so gently speak.
I know I must go on and find the world again,
It is sad but I shall always yearn
The one that made my life complete and whole again.

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