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Without a Doubt

It was without a doubt I knew you loved me.
And you gave me life.
A life where I could sing and be the person that I am
It was without a doubt I felt life was worth living again,
You gave me hope.
A hope that things would always be better.
It was without a doubt I begin to feel,
A special warmness inside of me.
Have caring and loving someone.
It was without a doubt I could trust,
You never betrayed me.
You were always there in good times and bad.
It was without a doubt you cared,
You never criticized the person that I was.
You let me blossom into what I could be.
It was without a doubt I loved you,
That is one thing I could now feel now.
It was without a doubt I could touch and caress you,
I was safe now you calmed my fears.
It was without a doubt I could say I love you,
and you could say the same.
You have given me the gift.
For once in my life I felt deserving.
It was without a doubt you had patience and understanding,
For you took the time.
You taught me the important things in life.
It is without a doubt that I will always love you,
You gave me love and life and a reason to live.
And it is without a doubt you will always be part of me.
by Mary

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