Unchained Melody:
Laura's Theme:
Sometimes When we Touch:
The Rose:
House of the rising sun:
Killing me softly:
When I Fall in love:
Danny boy:
Morning has Broken:
Theme from Love Story:
Bridge over Trouble Water:
Annie's Song:
Take My Breath Away:
You are so Beautiful:
Color of the Wind:
Where have all the flowers gone:
Take my breath away:
Here comes the sun:
Let it be Me:
Only You:
Power of love:
Time in a Bottle:
Just for Barry:
That's What Friends are For:
You light up my Life:
Sound of Silence:
Love you Just the way you are:
We'll sing in the sunshine:
Feel Love:
He ain't Heavy he's my brother:
Love you just the way you are:
Who'll Stop the Rain:
Music from Forrest Gump:
Where Love Flows:
Georgia on my mind:
Green Leaves of summer:
In the year 2525:
Sealed with a Kiss:
First Time ever I saw your face:
Follow me:
I Just called to Say I love you:
We've only just begun:
Yesterday once more:
Walk don't run:
Cat n the Cradle:
Gentle on my Mind:
Every Breath you take:
You are so Beautiful:
Twelfth of Never:
Can't Help Falling in Love Again:
For the Good Times:
We Have Only Just Begun:
Will You Still Love Me:
Blowing in the Wind:
Love you Just the Way you are:
I Honestly Love You:
Alone Again:
Always on My Mind:
Take My Breath Away:
Because You Love Me:
From Beauty and the Beast:
Alone Now:
Always a Women:
Best For Last:
Behind Closed Doors:
Music from Dirty Dancing:
You Don't Bring me Flowers:
Follow Me:
For The Good Times:
Greatest Love:
Somewhere Out There:
Keeper of the Stars:
Sweet Lady:
Walk Don't Run:
Could I Have This Dance:
From A Distance:
Never Walk Alone
Annie Laurie
A Kinda of Hush all over the World
I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry
Lying Eyes
And I Love Her
Moon River
I can see Clearly Now
Can't Take my Eyes Off You
Eye of the Tiger
Times Are a Changing
Zorba the Greek
In Her Kiss
Tobacco Road
The Great Pretender
The Sting
What a Wonderful World
A Taste of Honey
Sweet Caroline
There's A Summer Place
All in the Game
Breakingup is Hard to do
Lawrence of Arabia
Young and the Restless Theme

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Some Favorite Beliefs

Friendship is loving you as you are. You are unique and special. I cannot see the flaws that others say you have.
Lives are filled with many sorrows, but with the love of others and the happiness they give us is what keeps us going.
Don't worry about the little trivial things in life tomorrow you won't care about them
Remember one word in a person's life can make a difference. One act can save a life.
You learn something from each person you meet in life, and each obstacle you overcome.
Each person has a special gift in life but sometimes we forget to look for it.
It is okay to disagree but do it agreeably!
Take time to enjoy the little things in life, they are the things that really count.
Excuses satisfys the person who makes them.
The way to overcome grief and sorrow is by helping others who are truly in need.
To see a man who never enjoys life is a worse tragedy than death.
A peaceable person, witha peaceable heart, is a piece of gold.
Our lives are measured by our trials, our actions, and our deeds and not our goods.
Children are a reflection of their parents and enviorment.
As long as there is a memory no one dies they pass on.

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